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Learn More About Deva Curl Cuts 

If you have curly hair, a haircut might not bring the desired results as the curls of your hair vary in length. A Deva cut is a method of cutting curly hair while curly and dry because that is how you wear your hair naturally. Its purpose is to give shape to your curls and allow them to fall more naturally.

Get an Amazing Deva Cut at a Great Price

Paris Hair salon is certified by the Devachan Academy in New York. Stylists Anna and Barbara were trained in the dry cutting and styling techniques for curly hair to make it look the most natural and beautiful, accenting the style. Our price for Deva cut is $80 and up.



  1. All new clients before scheduling are 1st required to send a picture to and then, if making an appointment,  a deposit of $40.00 (NON-REFUNDABLE) to hold their appointment, The $40 will be added to the Deva cut the day of the service. 

  2. Come with clean, dry hair without any product on the day of the appointment.

  3. Our team is level 1-certified; not in super curly or highly textured hair.


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